Drugs are fun, my arse!!

Posted by jez on November 24, 2010 at 5:55 AM

Recreational drugs (if there is such a thing) are defunct of light, love and life, not a single soul can deny. Aye the pharmaceutical is giant, as are the numberless and growing hoards of its jolly dependants feeding it feeding them; trapped in its volatile vortex of bewilderment and pure greed. On the other hand, while the medicinal properties/extracts of mushrooms may prove and provide imperative sustenance for the genuinely ill, what of the genuinely well, copiously consuming the stuff in a recreational capacity like there's nae the 'morrow? And what of drugs as a means for governments to trap and subdue innocents, there are many, wandering toilet tiled hospital corridors, of Putin's Russia, crouched in brightly padded cells with T.V.‘s turned right up 24/7?! Don’t tell me the pros outweigh the cons. My God, Putin and the majority who follow in their footsteps are cons, they should never have been put in power (no pun intended). Most people believe that some of these elected presidents are self-elected criminals. I’ll bet the dying dollar the Russians are not the only ones who have had a stab at that bad barrel of apples?

Joseph M. Ippolito.

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