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Realms of the unreal. The journey home and "Views of extraterrestrial earth.



       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;       Realms of the unreal.

       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;   Joseph M. Ippolito.

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       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;   The journey home.

       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;            And "Views of extraterrestrial earth."



       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;      About the book.


   A near death experience, exceptional coincidences, a courtroom trial with a permanently inebriated judge and his judiciary, a minister, a monk and unbridled property developers serve to parallel this book’s REAL message, in that one was truly alien in a cold institutionalized sense, while the other sat on the side-lines laughing at the guidelines. That guideline herein is one of personal discovery, an awakening from the slumber of ignorance and youth to a realised world in which the ‘gold of soul’ is perceived to be the object of an alien versus angel, or a hellish versus heavenly harvest, the fight for souls. This is also an exploration of possibility, of the seemingly impossible, with a few interesting photos thrown in for good measure. The primary message however, is a retort at the states retention of body parts (DNA) and of its reluctance to impart the imperative truth of E.T. to the flowers. Almost one million children go missing in the U.S.A. each year yet few ask where they have gone, the contention within, is an arrow aimed at humanity’s stolid indifference, yet while it is dozing, the Salva and Gomb are grim reaping at the end of this world's present epic.

   This work, embraces an ushering out of the old and a dawning of the new, of the earth bringing forth a child, again almost upon us, its birth (non-maternal) heralding the dawn of a new age. For those who have been victims of the alien abduction agenda and mentally and emotionally scarred from years of abuse at the cold mercy of the alien state, this book seeks to offer solace in the fact that there is something which can be done about the intrusion of humanity by a contingent of those sinister invisible men who of this world and not, have collaborated together in attempting to subdue the day of the light of the soul.


       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;       About the Author.


   The author was born in Edinburgh in 1963. He travelled to France, Italy and Japan and in 1983 it was in Taize (a community of multi-denominational faiths based in France) where he embraced an interest in spirituality within a Christian frame. Music captivated the author and although his first instrument was the guitar, he only began to play the piano in his mid teens. He had several jobs, serving an apprenticeship in leatherwork. The pianists Art Tatum and Errol Garner had a profound influence on the author and soon he was travelling, playing in the Italian City of Milan, Paris France, and the Tokyo-Yokohama districts of Japan. He presently lives in Scotland with his Japanese wife and child.







       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;     First published in 2010.



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       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;       A spiritual odyssey and novel

       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0; investigating the nature of UFOs, the

       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              paranormal and the ‘crypto-zoological’

       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;   anomaly.





1. Epitaph.

2. Dedication/poem.

3. Acknowledgments.

4. Prelude

5. The voyage of Bran.

6. Introduction.

7. Realms of the Unreal.

8. Photo Journal, views of extra-terrestrial earth.

9. Epilogue and poem.

10. Glossary.








       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;          Epitaph.



   In the event of a cohort of the Draco-Reticulan collective, its comrade human counterparts the MIB or whatever, or maybe even just a bored red bus conductor running me over during or after the compilation of this work for just trying to get to the other side of the street, I want it to be known that I bore that cross with pride.





I dedicate this book and poem to my wife Aki: a.k.a. ‘Floating

River’, and for my son Daniel: a.k.a. ‘Little Many Moons’.



River Regardless.


River regardless where am I, you flow on after I die?

Rushing steams in full blown spate meeting deadline fate. Sometimes we just flow peacefully and at some point we reach the sea,

You’ll still be there, and so will I, but you’ll be somewhere in the sky.

River to sea to sky, it’s much the same when we die,

I’ll be the Rose, adorn your banks, you’ll be the cloud and I’ll give thanks.


       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0; J.M.I.





       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;     Acknowledgements. 



   I wish to thank those who have offered support and encouragement in the writing of this book, firstly to my wife for her patience these last two years and to my little boy Daniel who contended with my temper tantrums and terrible hangovers.

Many thanks to Andrew Hennessy for his contribution to my work, Andrew worked with the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Central Microbiology Lab, National Museum of Antiquities, East of Scotland College of Agriculture and the British Geological Survey. He contended that there was an ancient alien and geopolitical reality behind Scotland involving the Annunaki and the Grays. He also duly complained of outrageous reality engineering in his book ‘The turning of the tide’.

   I also take the time to thank John White, author of several important books including his “Aliens among us” for granting me permission to quote its gravely important contribution to the understanding of a Gray/Repto agenda with significance and in relation to world affairs. John White was one of the most prolific writers of his time. He wrote a number of books on a variety of topics including the Pole Shift (highly recommended). “Aliens among us” was written and posted on an online forum in 1985 which sheds credible light and a sound voice to the Abduction scenario. Some of John White’s views are similar to my own and his paper only came to my attention at the conclusion of this work.

   Thanks to Dave Moncoeur, UFological investigator who is a voice to the seekers of truth, to John M. Jenkins, author of ‘OF NO DEFENCE SIGNIFICANCE?’ Ron Halliday author of Haunted Scotland, Frank Warren for his definition of UFO as an acronym, Stanton T. Friedman who was the original civilian investigator of the Roswell UFO incident and nuclear physicist for his credit to the Introduction and chapter 12, to Mrs. Jardine a soul in-transit right at the word go who suggested I write a book and to Ian and Anne Nimmo for assisting with the format of the Microsoft document to a PDF. Many thanks to Leigh Coombs; spirit medium and his wife for recognizing ephah’s content “a naughty spirit” and subsequent advice on how to refute the negative spiritual entity. And finally to Michael Booger Tait who was excellent camaraderie and a valuable witness on the journey in the quest for truth.

   However, my questionable respect is conferred to the un-consenting ghost-busters for refusing to feature, and subsequently rescinding a gift three times - their property - because the author didn’t have prior permission from their lawyers and mainly because they didn’t want Aunty Allan (pseudonym for the Tantallon ghost) to be someone else’s merchandise and or put in the picture.

   There are many others I extend my thanks to, although it is not possible to name them for reasons ranging from request of anonymity to losing contact with those individuals.

I add that my sympathy as well as my gratitude is extended to the late Joyce Byers of Moffat whose description of her sightings was consistent with my own. I have included an image of that which I consider to be the culprit in her account of “Big Bertha”, also mentioned in ‘OF NO DEFENCE SIGNIFICANCE?’- I have named as Gustav in this work.







       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;           Prelude.


   Quote: “While travelling in India I visited a yogi mystic, as I stood in line and at the back of the queue, I suddenly found myself being ushered to the front to be told by the yogi…

“Something is trying to destroy you.”

   I almost drowned while swimming around a cliff on an Egyptian coast.”

This “something” had attempted the same with another member of the same family though it did not succeed. It pushed that person into a canal when he was just six years old, it steered a small rowing boat he was in against a sheer cliff with menacing waves all around, yet again it failed as an empty outboard motor sparked back to life, saving yours truly and of course all others on board.

   But sadly, often the demon does succeed, questionably sanctioned by gods or God, but rather actually strangely self-propagating, consumed by negativity, negativity abroad in, on and above the land, in opposition to humanity and attempting to do as the yogi warned.


Here he comes silently threshing the floor

Here he comes, ghosting through wall and through door

Where is he going and what will he do

We’ll soon find out when he comes looking for you.

Don’t think I don’t know you just because you’re unseen

I know what you’re doing and I know where you’ve been.

There he is at the table he is the Grim reaper

And the man in the suit said you’re not my keeper

Soon as he said it he just dropped dead

All small round and fat with a face painted red.


       0;      &# 160;    Joseph M. Ippolito.




There is a wood full of fine fruit

Under the prow of your boat,

a wood full of flowers and fruit

a faultless, un-waning wood,       ;       60; 

where the leaves are the colour of gold.


The Voyage of Bran.







       0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;     Introd uction.



       0;      &# 160;       UFology should be recognized as a discipline, not a disability.


It was never my intention to try to prove something already proven without a shadow of a doubt. The need to know what UFO’s are and what they are doing has been part of the object of this book in which there is no shortage of speculation, however, I state unequivocally, any weirdness and even non-weirdness herein I believe, is no less unreal than reality itself, in a beautiful (sometimes ugly) and bizarre world of imps, possible monsters and UFOs.

While there are some who may wish to see what has been portrayed in the media merely fictionally, instilled into them as children, it was why, with this in mind and as a picture is worth however many words that I chose to gallery that which prompted this investigation, in turn imparting what only that choice and those images could; a personal revelation and a dispersing of the crystallized doubt of my own unbelief, because when a photo is all there is to go on, it just cannot be ignored.

How many people can say they have identified a genuinely anomalous UFO? Birds, planes, insects and all other host of purported UFO phenomena can be explained yes, but what when it is none of those, might there still be a perfectly logical explanation?

Of course, tiny Pixie powered planes commandeered by imps the spitting image of the alien Gray, staying still for long enough to be seen are often mistaken as UFO, which is of course what they strictly are, but no-one believes in faerys anymore. This is very odd when fairy or faery (original name Sith) permeates much of our literature. One need only examine Michael Hague’s admirably illustrated but frighteningly realistic account of J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’ and Robert Frederick’s rendition of ‘The home under the ground’ in ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’ to notice that these and other works such as Dorothy L. Sayers translation of Dante’s ‘hell’ and ‘purgatory’ are strikingly similar in painted and pencilled terms. These themes of a place under the dust and in the bowels of the earth saturate the swathe of folk literature written on just about every topic, themes however fictional remaining a vast plain, well hidden from the cold light of wonderful science and diabolical data.

In the world of truth and untruth, one book would never be enough, no. It is factual that not all religion sprang from the religion of God (the ancient Sumerian Clay tablets for example pre-date the Bible), however this shouldn’t dismiss the bible’s authenticity on that one point. To Christians the bible is the inspired word of God. I am sure had it been written 20.000 years from now it would still be pointing to its strange and often confusing truths.

Staunch Christianity has tarnished the creator as an angry God, the one who is watching our every move, in spite of this if there was ever a single book which could be described as the battering ram of books, I would unreservedly attribute that to the bible, though for its part in the scheme of things, wasn’t crashing through doors as was implicitly pre-supposed, it was in actual fact gently knocking on them. The bible is merely a book (although not a mere book) after all, not a weapon as some of us imply.

There aren’t always easy answers and there certainly aren’t always convenient ones when postulating the paranormal, God or religion. Do not misunderstand when I talk of a God, what I mean by this is a singular definition of an omnipresent force, coursing through nature, the cosmos and naturally, my toothpaste. Another idea is viewed in the belief the god’s of history shared science and knowledge with humanity. However they didn’t ask that we abuse it or did they?! The gods must have known we would, but what father in his right mind would give his child a gun, even a plastic one, not a true father surely?

On top of this and moreover, the accruing of knowledge for purely personal gain is a congested tragedy devoid of God. What I mean is that it might also be fair to say that the so called god’s (or fallen angels) were handing humanity the keys to its doom when they - as is thought, gifted men technology - just as the serpent invited Eve to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil recognizing the human disease borne from disobedience. But without the prerequisite of a spiritual guide, it is certain the process of bearing knowledge without need of teacher can open the door to a spiritless domain. Humanity is a fallen people, traipsing upon the doors not of perception but of mortality. Too much knowledge, not enough faith, it seems to be the curse of an age, a malady of instant satisfaction. It is a major spiritual problem.

Although there is an arrow of contention within this work, about Jehovah’s witness New World translation of the King James Bible, I do agree however with some of their views, for example their belief that the Devil, Salva, Lucifer, Satan, snake, serpent, or Reptilian (call it what one will) reappeared on this earth yet again in the fourteenth year of the nineteenth century and is presently mingling among men, the fallen angel cloaked in light and stirring strife with the nations. How that stirring is happening is not hard to see, in light of the sad fact that humanity is witnessing diabolical dysfunction globally. The biblical story of the tribulation seems to be swinging faster and getting higher. I believe that it has been steadily doing so (and is making its present influence felt) since the early part of this century.

Based on several of the images within this book depicting and including the craft with the hieroglyph or eye on the ‘Prow of the boat eye’ (poem pre-intro and photo in chapter 16) I perceive it as similar or the same as to be found on Phoenician war boats of 750 B.C.E. and beyond to the Greek war galleys and merchantmen of 250 B.C.E. the protective eye was painted on the bows of the vessel to look out for danger and to “see” where the ship was going. But there is no doubt in my ‘modern’ mind that at least two images shown, represent the same as the Grecians spoke of in vivid and realistic terms.

The God Abraxas, or Anguipede, has the head of a cockerel, a human body, and legs that are serpents. Abraxas is an All-God, or Pantheus. Interestingly similar to my own description of the anomaly Scorpio pictured on the cover and at end of the first chapter of this book, the Ouroboros which is the name for the great World Serpent is depicted as a serpent biting its own tail (it is also the alchemic symbol for completion) and it symbolizes the enclosure of the world, I point to its similarity with Scorpio in its gnarled wood state, which may or may not be significant, nor the fact that the word Orb can be derived from the Ouroboros several times, which also may or may not be significant.

To the Greeks, the deities were a normal and accepted aspect of everyday life. These Gods were quite open and eager to associate with men. I don’t consider this knowledge to be mere history, but rather incontrovertible fact, for truth does not always represent mere myth.

Were humans not fashioned from the clay (note; rhymes with Gray) to be a children of truth, instead preferring to hearken to the dim lie, for now we think as adults, surrendering the soul of delight, the shimmering Brindavan (a place in India where it rains a lot) shower of the child heart as we implicitly purport the truth to be a lie, and when we mistakenly claim that there are no such thing as (call them what one will) faery’s, elves, pixies, imps or UFOs?

The explanation/s I have given of ephah and the Vimana (Biblical and Mahabharata descriptions and accounts of aerial phenomena) including my own encounters and description of Gustav, falls into the category of the above, definitely strange and not usual in the mainstream terms and conditions.

In spite of debunk and doubt, I can explicitly offer some feasible explanation with certainty, so if you’re sitting comfortably, then read on.

But before we begin I would like to offer my view of the Gray and its earthly cousin and frolicking friend the faery, not just two rhyming words but two similar entities in many respects. First of all and importantly the faery and the Gray are as real as we are, some are quaintly thought of as generally peaceful, possibly just until they feel threatened, or when they’re out revelling and playing pranks on unsuspecting walkers, while yet others are hostile, invasive and opposed to peaceful relations with humans.

The term and acronym E.T. in this respect does not necessarily translate as alien, it is what it is something extra on terrestrial earth thus we have an ambiguous ‘extra-terrestrial’. To prove that the Gray comes from far out and that we are being visited is not the purpose of this book, though mention of their possible origins are posited. To blame all Grays for the abduction scenario is neither the purpose. I am also indifferent to what I personally view as unreasonable, the request for proof because “I want to believe” does not apply to me, but rather “I do believe” does. That belief stems not from perspective or research (although those factors have helped to confirm what I had already duly guessed), rather they stemmed from having seen at first hand, evidence of the Gray, the faery, and extra-terrestrials present here on earth.

So, just who and what are the Grays, and what are they doing? In the beginning of the book of Genesis we read; “Let us make man in our image.” What if the Gray was God, what if the old man with a long grey or white beard was wishful thinking and the cloud that he sits on isn’t a cloud, but a craft? Certainly Gustav’s craft gives one such impression. On the other hand what if the abducting element of the Gray is the rebellious and fallen third thrown to earth after the war in heaven written scripturally, what if this particular group of Gray’s is living within the earth, on it and above? Gustav again gives one such impression, as so does the movie version War of the Worlds starring Tom Cruise.

The supposed alien agenda, the removal of the human soul matrix is not without corroboration, but if such a worrying proposition was real as is outlined in the Dulce papers, then it may be the explicit and dedicated purpose of the fallen third alone, representing a number of Saurian (Reptilian) renegades purportedly allied with the Gray race of so called aliens. In the Legend of Zu, the Igigi (considered by some to be the Grays) rebel because they do not have a base on earth. What if they were engineered from say Pterodactyl DNA? The similarity is unsettling.

The truth of the Grays and the Reptilians may be too shocking for humanity to swallow. This may be why there is a need for those who seem to steer the boat on humanity’s behalf to gradually disperse the whole truth, as mother imparts milk to child before graduating to solids, however that food distribution may be waning and the race is suddenly gathering momentum

Massive media billboards in major cities proclaiming “they’re coming” with a big V, really should be, “more of them are coming” with an inverted victory v, just that that wouldn’t be too good for box office revenues would it? If I had been the director, it would have been, “more of it is coming, and some of it is already here” and probably gotten myself the sack in the process.

However, in light of the reaction total disclosure at a drop of the hat would cause in an unbelieving population, there may be mitigating circumstances for those who sought to sell humanity to the sons of the morning star (thought by some to be Lucifer, though again this is open to interpretation), for it is transparent with hindsight that the American government truly did not know what it was dealing with. From time to time even I have trouble believing the actual truth of it, of a universe so diverse with intelligent life outside of the earth (and within) much like we are (or we are much like them) physically and mentally in virtually all respects, that it in all sincerity is alarming and even more so should the truth be shown (coming disclosure) as plain for all to see.

When I began to document this report, never was I unaware of high strangeness happening in the world around us all, however what I was unaware of was the prevalence on an almost unimaginable scale of apparent phenomena not exclusive to any one place, there were no hotspots, rather there was an omnipresent force so real and often so frightening that I found myself powerless to ignore it. This excursion to the realms then was not some trifling trip about weird anomalous creatures invisibly co-existing with planet earth, but it was borne from a need to understand the truth, the truth of an even weirder institutionalized state (Government Gray), its real reason for the retention of our body parts (DNA) and of its reluctance to impart the imperative truth of E.T to the weary world.

And what of 2012, the people are eagerly awaiting 2012, but for what? It’s hard to see what all the fuss is about when the end of the world has been predicted over and over. The end of the world was as far anyone should be concerned, the death of morality and the dawn of war.

The whole paranoid 2012 thing might or mightn’t be a stalling tactic by those in government intent on preserving their own bacon. It isn’t known what’s going to happen in 2012, if anything at all. It is also biblically sound to confirm this; “No man knows the day or the hour, only God.” I suppose that means aliens know neither. Good, now we might be getting somewhere. The bible doesn’t give dates as to when or if anything is going to happen, and but of course no-one cares because it’s vague, surely not to be taken seriously at all.

The bible is clear on that high ground when it states “all eyes will see.” This doesn’t mean that there are those who not already have. For example Bob Lazar worked at Area 51 and in 1989 he announced that he was breaking his oath. He spoke of having seen flying saucers and alien technology. According to Lazar who was employed at area 51 in 1988 Bob was shown several photographs of nine flying saucers, they differed in shape each one. Even more shocking had to be Lazars claim of having viewed photos of an autopsy allegedly carried out on one of the Flying saucers occupants. Bob described the occupant as a typical Gray alien: short and hair-less with a large head, small nose and mouth, and large dark almond shaped eyes. A single organ capable of performing several body functions was exposed with the carcass. Bob later came to learn that these Gray “kids” came from the Zeta Reticuli star cluster, specifically from the fourth planet of the second sun in the binary system. Imagine travelling all that distance to be operated on by humans, it just goes to show the dangers even aliens must face.

Lazar had been part of a back engineering team. His task was to reassemble dissected craft to find what made them work. Bob’s mainly back engineered propulsion systems. But in the end, the responsibility of keeping the truth secret was too much for Bob to bear, and within one year he had spilled the beans to his friends by showing them what he had learned.

What was even more unsettling than the technological revelation was the historical and philosophical information shared with humans by the Grays or ‘kids’ (as they had sarcastically come to be called), the claim that among the many genetic experiments carried out on human beings, Jesus had been created directly by alien scientists to shape the course of human development. The documents Lazar had been shown apparently revealed the history of ‘Sol Three,’ or earth, from the view of the Grays from Reticulum 4. Summarily on that one and as far as I am concerned there is no reason to believe the Grays about Christ’s origins, they could have been lying and after all, they may just be the aspect of the fallen third of angels described in Genesis; lies, lies and more lies!!

The crazy claim that God is an alien may just be codswallop. The idea may be an aspect of the great deception described biblically. “To deceive the very elect, if that were possible.” Is God really a Gray with black eyes, dangly arms and cruel? The bible states in the beginning of Genesis that He made man in His image, therefore He is as we are, though omnipotent He is composed of spirit, but also a person with all the characteristics of a man.

It may be that all aspects of God have been endowed in man, a great deal of the hidden mystery the bible says belongs to God is known (As the wind is known, but not from where it comes) by some men. Everything belongs to God, but some things are known by men. If men were to desire those gifts but selflessly, men could have them. Unfortunately the Christian insists that he can’t be greater than his God. To be the greatest means to be the least, a servant just as Christ was to the Father is true yes, however perfect greatness is what any father would naturally want for his children. Christ the master (after all the teacher at the Dojo is referred to as Sensei) knew this, as we can too, but if only we would let go of our indoctrinated preconceptions.

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” “Take this cup of suffering, but only if it be your will.” Jesus words before being staked to the remnants of a tree. Those who have read the Celestine prophecies and have a modicum of knowledge of the Bible Gospels will should know that Jesus was demonstrating by word and deed that all things are pre-destined by God. Jesus also said “with God anything is possible” and I personally gather this statement implied that there was hope for all or he wouldn’t have said and promised what he did. His petition demonstrated that he too though a God, was also a man, a mere human, but not merely a human. That was a magical dynamic and it was pushing the grass up through the stone.

Coming back to the mainline then, the Grays and their ludicrous claim that they created Christ as an experiment falls into the category of the great deception and I am inclined to believe is a LIE perpetrated to attempt to confuse many of the ‘true believers’ aye even the supposed elect to believing that there is no God, that we are effectively property and that is all. This is a part of the desperate message of darkness and the fruitless work of the snake in these troubled times.

Of course the bible is merely a book but one which is useless if it isn’t written on the tablet of the heart. It is Christ that is truth and it is the Christ heart that will judge. When the Christ heart alights from the scales of that self-regulated justice system and reveals to itself what it was on that day hereafter, on the day that it has departed from its dearly beloved where and when with such knowledge of its deeds good and bad it suddenly realizes that it cannot return to recompense to them it offended, yes even its own children. That of course and in all truth is hell. Some though have returned, they were the ones who knew that their tribulation was the narrowest margin, a passage back to their families and the real world of life and truth. These were the people who saw and recognized it; those were the people who were wordlessly and immeasurably thankful.

Of course the adventure began way back but with hindsight and memory intact a consistent pattern of deliberation emerged and gathered shape in the form of what will be construed by some as mere coincidence, destiny, Karma, God’s plan for our lives. Call it what we will, but in 1992 when I was in 28 yrs old an American friend spoke to me of UFOs in the Peeblesshire area and now here I am writing a book on it. Apart from my view that UFOs have been I might add, hovering in the borders of Scotland for some time, I know they didn’t appear because the author turned up, nor because he wanted them to. It may be that an aspect of the invisible contingent (as I have described) has preordained someone to do a profile on it. If that’s the case and it chose this person to convey its message, then it has been commandeering the vessel and Jack’s just been rowing the boat. Thus it may be we are guided and we guide in the way one might shift pawns around on a chess board or much in the way some of us believe our lives are predestined from even before conception.

I shall wade right in then and say that my initial close encounter was a free nocturnal aerial show consisting of some fairly odd lights in the sky as I fished in a river pool beneath Lee Pen late October 2006. As I observed these lights, I knew they did not conform to the normal air activity associated with the quadrant known as Amber 1 over the Cardrona area of Peeblesshire. The second encounter was when I found myself standing beside a wingless triangular craft travelling at no more than five miles an hour, made no sound and was one of many similar craft counted that evening passing over Cardrona. Contrary to popular scientific certainty not only did I reject the idea these craft were mass phenomena. I also refuted the ridiculous notion what I and others saw was a case of singular and collective hallucination. To those people who were not even there, I say to them they are the ones who are mistaken and rather what was witnessed was advanced machinery. I have included a photo at the back of this book of a UFO over the same area, clearly moving at speed.

As a number of books dealing with UFOs tend to show purely pencilled illustrations of maps and such like, though those books i.e. the meticulously informative Zechariah Sitchin collection (the ones I’ve read) have been thoroughly and excellently researched, my frustration fell with the fact that photographic evidence is not considered proof, not in the eyes of mainstream science. With this in mind, I exhibited the images I consider to be UFO in the strictest sense. But I am certain (until someone can come up with a better explanation or the truth) the top secret hypersonic reconnaissance plane the SR-75 was present in the Cardrona skies on the eve of my encounter. The SR-75 replaced the TR-3B and SR-71. Their thrusters are situated at each corner of their triangular platform this is why unmanned craft can change direction instantaneously without turning. The TR-3B has secretly flown since the early 90s and it was purported to be used for low altitude flight only, not deep space or interstellar travel. All three craft cost a billion dollars each and were flying by 1994. Many sightings of these craft are believed to be UFO. The craft were developed under the American Governments Aurora program, often the craft are manned but they can also be remotely controlled.

In addition I did consider these craft were present while something even more unusual was happening in the area that night. It is also feasible to assume our boys knew it too. Whatever the other UFO were, they certainly seemed to outclass the SR-75 with regards to their speed and manoeuvrability. This information and the origins of certain stealth technology is contained within a book proving the existence of such craft entitled Alien Rapture, The Chosen by Edgar Rotschild and Brad Steiger.

Contrary to the norm, UFOs are not a psychological phenomenon (they can’t be, they keep bumping into and breaking wind turbines from time to time) and in spite of their transient nature I tend to take people seriously, but not always at face value, when they claim they have had something happen to them, or have seen something they are at a loss to explain. It seems unlikely that the growing number of UFO sightings is not a worrying sign and it is a sign which shouldn’t find itself at the centre of casual dismissal. Moreover, when the government states this is of no defence significance I absolutely do not believe them. It’s clear to me that some UFOs do represent a threat to humanity if and when they are called upon to be, but when people relegate this idea to a mere viewpoint, what I think they’re really saying is that they haven’t really found out for themselves yet.

Realizing the significance of my own close encounters and almost immediately thereafter, dangerously arming myself with a camera, dressing myself with a dash of boldness and a possible degree of impetuosity, I suddenly found myself properly initiate in the art of sky scrutiny (and forest) in which not only was my dog prone, possibly even partial to barking at thin air, but a perfectly functioning Exilim 10.1mgpxls was somehow able to tune into those mysterious invisible frequencies as well, depending on the weather of course. What was unearthed then was a range of (in this case and so called) anomalous stuff and UFO activity corroborating the growing number of people, dogs and digital cameras recording/reporting seemingly unfathomable strangeness the world over.

Now wait just a second, I’m sure I’ve seen this stuff some place before, ah hold on, that’s it, hey where’s the remote control, I almost nearly forgot, Sonic the hedgehog’s on at six. These days there is vast coverage of alien science fiction inundating our screens and our lives, Starship Troopers, Star Wars, Red Dwarf, The Terminator, the X Files, Doctor Who, War of the Worlds, I am Legend - implying contagious cancer, Stargate SG1, Aliens in the attic and even the not so silly Sonic the Hedgehog begs explanation and may be significant in light of the image of the Buddha anomaly featured herein. Children’s T.V. is rife with alien hogwash yet very few actually ask why, and but more to the point even care. The list is long, it’s getting longer and it paints a disturbing picture we rarely stop to consider might be messages of what is to come and may already have. Some of us though are duly aware of a program (not to be confused with a movie) in motion, presently swinging to educate the children of a very different future for them and for us.

The description little green men in the fifties and sixties, later inheriting the jolly green giant was not “simply silly” and but some of our ethereal entrepreneurs probably didn’t mind at all, because it was just this implicit and ignorant view that conveniently continued to benefit the suppression of the truth. Extra-terrestrials must be laughing right now of our government/s farcical attempts to educate the public with comedy that has done the opposite. Now the fruit of that legacy is so steeped into all strata of human consciousness, aided and embellished by the media circus that the whole plot is almost if not totally lost.

Come now and remember the little scaly fish guy in the Thunderbirds series laughing at pop go the sixties and stating quite robustly “If they (we) carried on like that,” they would have humanity conquered in no time. In the M.I.B. movie, Tommy Lee Jones boldly stating that aliens (Reticulans) had made contact with the government in the 1950’s is again masked by the excruciating facade of bouncy humour. The recent supposedly comic and children’s episodes of ‘League of super evil’ featuring loads of bug eyed and intelligent creatures, will probably be remembered by the next generation of adults (if they ever give themselves the chance to wake/grow up) as the super-rich global elite out to make the money. But in spite of all of this, the greatest story of an alien agenda ever told has to be Michael Ende’s Momo. A subtle and brilliant insight spearheaded by a frail Christ-like Afro-Caribbean girl clothed in tattered rags with glittering watery eyes, a broad smile and perfect teeth who proceeds to thwart the invisible grey gentlemen seeking world domination by stealing the time from people’s lives and rolling the fruit “hour flowers” for their (community consuming) cigars.

Thus the fun, the games and the truth, are inadvertently mixed with much untruth and it is a very sorry job for those who try to sift for the nuggets amid the entangled wreckage strewn about untruth’s sand-less shores. But of course as is more or less obvious, Hollywood compromised (by compromise I mean wishy washed the truth it was somehow in possession of) and scrubbed the decks clean for the pretty big bucks rolling like rivers auspiciously along its yellow brick roads, abundantly exploiting a perfectly viable means for profit then fed the special effects with considerable cowpat. Someone was making a fast packet. To corroborate the truth mixed with untruth theory I briefly quote Stanton T. Friedman.

“For almost sixty years the public has been hearing about flying saucers, then UFOs. Press coverage has ebbed and flowed, but polls have always shown a very high awareness score. Motion pictures, tabloids, and TV programs have picked up the slack with a mélange of fiction and some truth. Unfortunately, much of what we have been told by the “powers that be” has been false. Many different government agencies have shared in the misrepresentation and have provided outright LIES as well. These include the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, United States Air Force, etc. The press and certain other academic and supposedly scientific groups, such as SETI (Silly Effort To Investigate) have often blindly accepted and promulgated nonsense without any effort whatsoever to get at truth.”

I chatted briefly on the telephone with Mr. Friedman and I support and agree with his summations and claims of the Grays, what the government are not telling us and the alien agenda. I think our views were heading back at the same place on the one and two way streets I refer to herein. Mr Friedman and I agree that the perceived colour of the Zeta Reticulan is grey, my own view is that its collective status should be Gray and though its place of origin is not really clear (neither are ours) except what we are being told from reliable sources such as Mr. Friedman, it is thought to inhabit the star system Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli, an alien home base in the Southern Sky Constellation of Reticulum. This is discussed in the book “Captured…, The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience” by Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden, Betty’s niece. The government promoted close encounters to try to get us used to the idea of the Gray entity as a real being, much in the same way that we are, but the Grays were not born from the media circus, the circus was born from them and painted as a joke, but now the time has come to say it has been one joke too many, one joke too far, thus I shall have a little analogous fun of my own.

If the Grays turned out to be the nurse sharks and not the wayward scientific explorers they have been accused of, then the Tall Blondes (angels?) may be (if it is to be believed - there’s plenty of biblical backup) the Carcharodon carcharias commonly known as Great Whites. Two potentially misplaced beings, one with a soul, the other not, swimming in this fish bowl earth year after year. Yet few are none the wiser, except of course those who are wise and those who do know.

There is an implicit bias streaming through all strata of society, its foaming dregs gushing out of diseased pipes, poisoning the rivers of reality and truth. These channels are especially stirred by the consumption of ignorance, like an abscessed tooth rotted away by the consumption of too much chocolate. This bias was never more evident than when within the general body (or one such pipe) of institutionalized psychiatry, tending to rationalize the undermining of those of the flowers who dared court openness of such things, as if the world of common sense (Einstein called a bundle of prejudices acquired before the age of nineteen) revolved around it.

There may or may not be non-planetary bodies five times the size of earth hanging around the sun and bathing on the precipice of its Riviera, but recently these apparent “artefacts” have made a star studded appearance on Utube. What these objects might be is anyone’s guess, but the fact is that they are there and generally in tandem groups of two. I think this deserves a full on expletive deleted Wow, don’t you?!!

To add an ember to the hearth, let us recall a certain scientific hypotheses about how speeds faster than thirty mph would likely result in death due to suffocation? Well now we’re delving into sub-atomic particles and still conjecturing the same sort of bull…expletive deleted…moo!! How on earth do we manage to keep it all from ourselves until we think we’re ready?! If it makes anyone feel better I’ll volunteer to sit in one of these aerial contraptions if it’ll go faster than light speed, just don’t push me alright and I promise everyone I’ll stay very still, honest.

Based on my own personal witness, research and a subsequent though tentative scouring of the vast database of the internet, viewing video evidential material of those objects hovering near and or around the sun, moreover with the archetypal aid of my own eyes, witnessing a UFO in “engage” mode in front of my own home and finding much of the same at Bonnybridge and Gorebridge intercepting aircraft, I am compelled to conclude that not only is Utube to some extent, part fulfilment of scripture stating “All eyes will see” but these apparent “psychological phenomena” are actually and I quote, “artefacts” of the previous generation, we sleepily assumed impossible. Now it is “The next generation” in all its glory, yet we’re still dozing.

But what of the scores of deaths in the UFO community to name a few, do they not reek of foul play?! UFological lecturer Dean Warwick who died on stage at the Blackpool UFO conference in mysterious circumstances, on the same day it was claimed Dean said “I feel my time is up.” Mr. Forrestal mentioned in the Dulce conspiracy, Dr. Karla Turner, Ph.D. Author of “Masquerade of Angels” spokeswoman for the alien abduction agenda not to mention the scores of UFO investigator suicides and cancer related deaths, Phil Schneider, Ron Rummel, who was “...touching on sensitive issues such as the predator/prey aspects of the alien/human relationship and the use of humans as recyclable body parts.” Ron Johnson, Anne Livingston, Danny Casolaro, Mae Bussell a gutsy no-holds barred investigative radio host who died of a fast acting cancer and like Livingston and Turner was acutely interested in UFology, Derek Slayton .the astronaut ready to talk about his UFO experiences when cancer also intervened, Brian Lynch, Capt. Don Elkin who committed suicide in the ‘80s he had been investigating the UFO cover up for more than 10 years and, at the time, was deep into the study of Ra material with ‘aria Rucker. The names of those scientists associated with the SDI (Star Wars) research at Marconi Ltd. in England between 1985 and 1988 are too numerous to mention here. What is notable is that the two main causes of death of those named investigators involved in such matters were cancer and apparent suicide.

The UFOlogist Dean Warwick was preparing to give a lecture concerning alien abduction when he collapsed and died on stage in mysterious circumstances. On that night Dean had said that he felt that his time was up, or words to that effect. According to the news and his friends and witnesses who said that he had fallen asleep on his feet. They also said that a man had been seen leaving the venue and laughing who and when after being followed then got into a black car and drove off.

If Dean had been a victim of the men in black firing mystery beams at risk taking travellers it is not unreasonable to ask why the M.I.B. didn’t just rough him up in the old fashioned back-alley and warned him to be on his way. It is the responsibility of a country to afford its citizens protection, but I think there is very little if anything at all to prevent E.T. or maniacs removing threats posed by individuals such as Dean by way of physical termination.

It seems that the undressing of government files has had to be a gradual process and keeping the truth from the public may have been to some degree necessary because someone or something may have been protecting us from the terrifying knowledge of the truth. If there is an ‘undressing’ such as of UFO files, it does not include the list of names, the names of abductees apparently submitted to the government as part of a deal, a compromise between the U.S. government and the Grays for alien technology. It was believed that the government thought the abductions would just go away and they allowed them to continue. But they did not go away and more people were being taken than were on the list. This is mentioned in the Dulce paper.

The world really did not know that the church revolved around the sun and vice versa but our enlightened governments on the other hand did and do. Look at how the destruction of the trade towers had every living soul glued to the goggle-box in cold shock. They said Pearl Harbour couldn’t happen and everyone was asleep when it did. What do we think then when they drop the next bomb and tell us of the existence of aliens here and among us? That brick-brained bomb is a daisy chain and it is still rolling along singing the same old song.

All of this may have been meant for the greater good, it is difficult to disagree. Some do not even want to know because they likely already do and don’t take to it one bit. But don’t be fooled when the alien parades our cities like Hitler did, promising us goody bags, cures for cancer and other such guff. Do not believe the swine. Some of these E.T. beings may be malevolent in ways that we are not yet able to imagine. Their technology does not make them superior and they may simply use that to try to be like us. They may not be God or gods but they may be pseudo gods and if stealing our water is not their concern and neither blowing us all to Kingdom come but rather imbuing the soul matrix into their own soulless bodies is, then we are in deep trouble. They might want to be like us because they covet our beauty and this beautiful earth. That is maybe why they do all these experiments. They mean to take this from us and we to this very day are none the wiser, in spite of big massive alarm bells ringing.

It may not be “for the good of humanity” as some abductees have had repressed memories of and claim to have been told or heard while aboard craft, it may be for the good of the Gray alien agenda. “We mean you no harm” doesn’t necessarily mean that they mean us well. In fact most of the hierarchy of the fallen Grays, bear us ill. But given enough water, hope and heart and a little help from the real God, we the flowers I believe, will regenerate and replenish the dry ground of this scorched earth, after all it’s a fashionable thing really.

According to the Dulce conspiracy, the plan to release the truth of the Gray alien to the public (and of their stepping stone moon-bases) was put on hold after the discovery of the grand deception. The Dulce author claims that in 1954 the U.S. government was collaborating with the Grays and had concluded a treaty with them (this mutual pact is called the Grenada Treaty) but when it was discovered that the Grays were attempting to extract the human soul matrix and that thousands more were being abducted than was on an apparent “OFFICIAL ABDUCTIONS LIST” the government sent in their troops to the secret base and sixty-six people and aliens were killed. In spite of this, the fallen group of Grays carried on with their insidious agenda although it was doomed. It could be likened to falling from an airplane with a black and British Safeway bin liner (not that the colour would make a difference aside from maybe befuddling a squadron of AWOL U.F. crows) and trying to use it as a parachute when certain death was imminent, or maybe like clutching at straws to stop from being sucked through really fast quicksand, a perfectly logical thing to do in the awful circumstances but for who, them or us?!

And while all that was going on, UFO groups were deliberately retaining significant (public) photographic material and censoring its significant data and the truth of misunderstood phenomena until whoever decided it was fit for public consumption saw fit. Some of these bureaus have obviously been set up to inhibit, suppress, possibly even exploit information given by the frightened, bewildered, curious and yes gullible public, for why else would the government go to the trouble of spending time, effort and money if this situation was of no defence significance?

A televised bombardment of furry and frightening alien entertainment as a means to prepare the public for what might happen cannot be dismissed. How can one explain the anomalous spider in this book and not think of the T.V. series primeval? What of the reptilian-like footprints in the Cardrona forest and at the time of writing a mass showing of Predator? The grotesque face image in the ephah (Hebrew word meaning unit or measure said to be of Egyptian origin) and the ‘Ori’ ship Stargate SG1, not forgetting Martha the drone in a town called Eureka and the Vimana (ephah black horse companion) I have seen and photographed over Lee Pen?

The emerging “V” arrived spring 2010, starring Scott Wolf, coincidental surname perhaps, methinks otherwise. Sadly I quibble at the press media coverage and point out that not “everyone” could be a “visitor” but actually “anyone could be” would be exact. Talk of the Fifth Column and cars with Reg. V5 ET’s and 6’s and 7’s and so on, scooting about probably don’t mean anything at all, but it is curious.

And what of Captain Kirk, Mcoy and Spock dressed up all silly in the digitally re-mastered (re-plastered would be better fitting, giving that it is all over the goggle box these days) version of “A private little war”, blending with the locals and proceeding to warn humanity that all is more or less lost if it didn’t cease its bickering. Again Kirk exclaims, “That’s not possible, they haven’t advanced that far.” Wow, perceivable aliens or humans from the future as disbelieving of us as we are of them, what next, that the cavemen got the guns from time travelling cowboys and Indians?! Nothing would surprise me anymore. But of course either Kirk was not of the highest command, or the producer who contrived the idea of impossibility didn’t even have an O grade in arithmetic let alone physics. Just what was impossible – gorillas and cavemen with guns perhaps, or a humalien’s blabbering mania as it was conveniently clothed in warm rags and a long white wig?! Kirk would have known better, and the knowledge that his Starship was merely data on a microchip (soon to become an android) festering in someone’s filing cabinet bore much truth, though an equal measure of guff. All in all, the messages in the midst of the series may have been that the Gods were merely humans from the future and that they were just trying to help us by giving us guns and things. I have often wondered where much of our technology is channelled before it gets to us. Are our wonderful advancements, gifts and hand-outs from those who are finished with this our present batch of pre-dissected technology?

To complement the above, Spock, Bones and Kirk beam down to a planet to extract soil samples. McCoy marvels and expounds that the planet is a medical treasure trove. The planet was the first Kirk studied some time before this visit. Kirk’s memory of the planet is that its people were peaceful and that they were only just beginning to forge iron so he is taken aback to find people with rifles lying in wait for a party of blonde haired nomadic hunters (Nordics, who knows) including Kirk's old friend Tyree. To put the ambushers off aim, Kirk hurls a stone, causing a rifle to eject prematurely. This brings on a chase, and Spock is shot with a flintlock as he is trying to escape.

The landing party beam up to the Enterprise, where they find a Klingon craft heading towards them. Kirk however manages to keep the ship concealed by keeping the Enterprise on the other side of the planet. Kirk is sure the Klingons have violated the treaty governing the "class M earth-like planet" restricting both sides to scientific research, and given the villagers rifles. Tyree says that the fire-sticks were fashioned by the village people and that they first appeared about a year ago.

After beaming back down, Kirk is mauled by the poisonous mugato, an albino type creature akin to a gorilla with a horn on its head. There is no cure for the poison, but the hill people come upon Kirk and the doctor and take them to Tyree. Tyree’s wife Nona is a healer and after curing Kirk using a mako root he and McCoy enter a village and find the Klingon Krell imparting knowledge to the village leader Apella of carbon-free steel and technology as yet too advanced for their society.

Kirk gifts the hill people rifles and this may be analogous of the present situation with conflicts on the Asian continent. Kirk says that two significant powers fought throug

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