Some things are best, when they are left well alone.

Posted by jez on September 26, 2010 at 5:15 PM

"What a wonderful wonderful life, no need to run or hide...." Aye, I agree, but still a number nine on the maple Mabel maybe, aye. If you don't mind me saying so, bad weather makes me feel a whole lot better.

Guess what, the Galaxians have moved in, and guess what, they've binned, and they're banning all of the broken and not yet so broken bits of brack and there is just about absolutely the zorg any presently living non-entity non-planet owner can do about it.

Meanwhile; Ah but its read all about it, man charged for watering his plants and for walking his dog. The war paint's on 'n it's time to put the self professed peacepoles (trust no multi-language inscribers who despise meat eaters, yet themselves abuse dismembered bits of trees) along with their compadre reptilian witch/wizard fiends, not forgetting of course sheriff con horse dung (S. J. Horsburgh) to shame. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so obviously hostile with the oh so pretentiously nice ice poles. Perhaps freedom of speech, being a reptile and insidiously attempting to ban the iconic symbol of grocery Scotland (the plastic bag) are not morally obvious rhymes (neology for obviously moral crimes) after all, or at all, or if they are, are they, whatever it all might mean?

This may not be so casual an option for subscribers to internet lewdness to get their own back at the infiltrating poo pee or pee poo put down they have had to put up with for too long now. However, some peace poles are as flimsy as their misguided organisations they mistakenly believe are contributing to changing the world. What of plastic hearts and plastic minds?

Pull it the gither, n' right now!!


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