Sticks and stones.

Posted by jez on September 5, 2010 at 7:48 AM

Let’s spare a thought for the pawns here, the pawns are not ignorant per-se as they do not know who their controllers are, and in any event they would not believe it, for they are being pushed around largely and generally quite willingly by the puppeteer. But just who is/are the puppeteers, why the Illuminate of course.

The Illuminate are none other than the fallen angels and they have been on this earth since their fall as described in Genesis of the Bible. In Michael Ende’s novel and film Momo, the men in grey embody and symbolise the illuminate The Illuminate control all systems and those systems are indelibly intertwined like a woolly ball eventually becoming dad’s old hole ridden sweater. I talked of spiral ladders in the “Realms of the unreal”, the act of falling is described therein. Take Adam and Eve for example. Most people know that they fell, but what they don’t realise is that Adam and Eve were not the first to fall. Just as in the “Realms…” they too were dragged back down the ladder on which they were in the garden at the very top, however in this exceptional case they took a tumble and hit rock bottom.

Illuminate signage can be seen perceived as 555111 and the eye in the midst of the pyramid on the dollar sign ad-infinitum. E.G., Crime-Stoppers 555111. 51 + 51 + 51 = 6 + 6 + 6 which is of course 666, the number of the beast, a curious coincidence being that dial for emergency is 999. A deliberation engineered by the Illuminate working within that facet of institution or a coincidence, of those at the pinnacle of the hierarchy who wouldn’t dream of compromise regulating their D.N.A.?!

The above is not merely numerology for numerology sake, nor just another rumour of covert agenda, more importantly it is basic observation of the Illuminate codes for even they observe conduct, they too have flags, flats and doorbells, they work with and are recognised by numbers incorporating 6 and 9. Take the Edinburgh Fettes phone number for example; .... ... ...., when this is added and the product 18 is again added as 8 + 1 = 9.

However the systems and the individuals knowing these in-controversial and “silly” unsubtle nuances who refuse to co-operate with the modern world’s tight knit conformist demands at any level (be that with a neighbour or with the Law, as some German citizens shunned likewise Hitler’s mad politics - note: “Trust no Gray”, “…transient offers of a freebie.” Chapter 12 of the “Realms of the unreal” - and some Polish nationals who were friends with German Jewish nationals, just until the devil danced through the door) are amply ostracised by all manner of international sanction until such time as they tow the line, and when they do tow the line that is when they become obliged as fully fledged citizens to conform and their different parts are mingled in the same soup and things get stuck and clogged, and from time to time mangled. These inductees are then gradually and imperceptibly subjugated and drawn into the process of cultural degradation, never more evident than when Tony Blair was on record as having said “I want to destroy the culture of this country”, until the life has been strangled out of it methinks.

The collective and those people who do not conform to this insidious global drive pro total conformation and oppose those scallywags who wish to deal cultural identities as a mere poker hand are unduly dubbed by other nations/neighbours as Rogue States like say North Korea or even good old David Icke, while all the while the subservient puppets are following (grey/Gray) janitorial suit. North Korea of course could do without hurtling projectiles over Northern Japan from time to time, for that awakening, be it a stride wayward, purely serves to undermine its defiance and incontrovertibly support the powers that be to suppress what those powers are best at suppressing and do what they are truly the best at doing; that be name calling, for whatever dubious agenda ridden reasons.

This is obviously merely an iota of the overall state of not just politics, it is the draconian direction in which all politics has strayed, commandeered of course in Scotland’s non-exceptional case by a villainous village with a big V (although big P for pillage and preyed and big R for Reptilian and raped to be precise might better fit the bill) 400 Miles South of it, the lucifugous house of Lords, aye. FREEDOM!!!!


And names will definitely harm.

We should be trying to help our friends.


Joseph M. Ippolito.

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